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Organizational background

The Juli Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization focused on empowering the Nigerian teen with skills and resources required to develop and compete favourably in our evolving society, and technology driven global community. With a failing education system, booming youth population, rising rate of unemployment and underemployment, global rate of technological advancement, and critical need for the country to empower its youth population, the foundation’s goal is to empower teens, especially dis-advantaged teens, with skills and resources that can shape them positively, develop and equip to become valuable resources to society and the country’s development.


The foundation started from a series of self-funded projects from its founder, Miss Joy Ogiator, who through her experience working in various projects across the country recognized the invaluable resource and capability of teens in various communities who were unfortunately limited both financially and also lacked access to non-financial resources  required to boost their capabilities. Miss Ogiator recognized the current and potential consequences this poses for the country in being unable to fully harness the resourcefulness of its teens and youth in general, and the fact that early investment is key in developing this huge wealth of resource and putting them on the right path. With personal funds and generous contributions from friends and family, she undertook various teen empowerment projects eventually leading up to the establishment of the foundation together with other passionate youth like herself.


Registered in Nigeria with RC NO: 116954, the foundation operates out of its central office in Abuja, the Federal Capital, and works through local partners across the country

what we do?

Mission Statement

Activating Nigerian teens in becoming catalysts for the country’s development.


Vision Statement

Empowering 10,000 vision-driven teens by 2030 for Nigeria’s development.

Focus Areas

Access to Quality Education

Mentorship and Career Coaching

Personal Development

Internship Opportunities

Digital Skills Proficiency

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics (S.T.E.M)

Citizenship, Societal Values and Rights

Sustainable Development Goals – The Role of Teens

Our Initiatives

Educate and Emancipate

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today – Malcom X

Through this initiative, the foundation provides academic financial support to dis-advantaged teenagers especially bright students who due to financial constraints, have to drop out of school. Our goal is to prevent our bright young minds from ending up on the street or engaging in other unproductive activities rather than being educated to contribute meaningfully to the development of the nation. The foundation by working with public secondary schools across the country reaches out to financially constrained students and enrolls them in schools up through scholarships until graduation from the secondary school. Academic performances are regularly evaluated to assess their progress, and additional support also provided through our other initiatives for the self-development of these teens in becoming beneficial to society.


The truest success is but the development of self – Charles Atlas

There is a need to develop just not the brain, but the mind and heart of teens. Beyond academic knowledge, other aspects of self-development for teens are usually left to their peers, the internet, environment, and other external sources of influence. Teens without any form of positive guidance become easily influenced by such external factors which easily shape their mindset, perspectives, behavior and consequent actions.

This initiative is focused on providing self-developmental guidance to teens and counseling on various areas of teen development including – emotional development; peer relationship; breaking bad habits; reading culture; youth rights; societal values; drug abuse; culture; financial management; sustainable development goals; etc. The aim is to provide exposure and education beyond academics to shape the mind of the teen positively, and guide them appropriately.

Leaders of Today

The expert in anything was once a beginner – Helen Hayes

Internships and work experience are a proven method of getting your foot in the door, and launching you career aspiration.

Through this initiative, we provide internship opportunities to teens in organizations across various field based on their preferred career choice. The goal is to provide basic introduction to the teen on workplace experience, and build their excitement and interest in these fields. The aim is also to encourage them to research more on these career fields, and understand the evolution of career decisions. We reach out to various organizations to provide basic internship opportunities for these teens and education on their business and non-business areas, and are arranged based on the holiday timeframe of the student while also ensuring they have considerable spare time to enjoy their holidays. They can typically last from one week to one month.

Mentor Connect

The delicate balance of mentoring is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves – Steven Spielberg

Lack of career and mentoring opportunities has been acclaimed to be one of the greatest challenges facing teens today, who due to lack of professional guidance, are distracted and go down wrong paths based on peer influence, negative content from the internet, social media and the society. With parents increasingly focused on providing for the home in an increasingly harsh economic climate, most teens are basically left to forge their own paths and future. At the end of their senior secondary school education, they face an even greater challenge – choosing a career path that basically determines their future, on very limited or no coaching/professional mentoring and advice. This is even more detrimental to their future in our current evolving global society where most careers are being taken over technology and becoming obsolete, and the need to adequately prepare for the jobs of the future.


Through this initiative, the foundation provides mentoring opportunities across various fields for teens, bringing key professionals in their field to provide career trainings and brainstorming sessions with these teens. This training also includes teen assessments evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, passion, subject preference, preferential for science or the arts, skills, aspirations, etc through one-on-one discussions, informative games, and a set of written assessments. Based on the results of these, teens are first educated on various career options, jobs for the future, realistic expectations in various careers and how demanding each are; and are then matched with mentors in these fields.


The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow – Bill Gates

The internet unlocks access to a massive wealth of resource for teens whose minds are at their best in assimilating such information, gaining exposure to global information, and building digital skills and knowledge required for today’s technology driven world. Through the internet, the world has become a global village, and Nigeria’s rising mobile phone penetration driven by the availability of cheaper smart phones has made internet accessibility even easier. However, this is significantly in favour of teens in urban areas who are fortunate to have access to the resources that can train them in becoming digitally and technologically literate. With almost every job position requiring a certain degree of computer knowledge and increasingly so in the future, this initiative is aimed at providing computer and digital knowledge, and access to educational resources on the internet for dis-advantaged teens who otherwise will be unable to gain such skills and knowledge. The initiative consists of three levels – CT001: Basic introduction to computer skills and knowledge for teens who have no prior knowledge on the use of a computer or internet access; CT002: Advanced computer training and knowledge for teens who already possess basic computer and digital skills; CT003: Specialized computer training for teens who are keen on developing careers in the ICT space such as software development, Oracle and Java Language Development, and other specialized computer and digital skills.

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